Fixated on dating apps...we spend more time looking down at people we might have passed instead of looking up at who we actually passed.  So I created a chalk message board dress to ask questions and engage people in real time.  I roller-skated around and had people tell me their thoughts or answer questions such as, “How are you feeling today?” or “Want to grab a cup of coffee?”


wall posts

Again placing the importance on in person interaction; I created an event where people could write about/tome and “post to my wall.”  Similar to apps like Facbook, however in a physical form, therefore removing the entire concept of social media which can seem so quick, false, and impersonal.  This canvas or “wall” is now an outfit so I can physically wear the posts and drawings of these friends and strangers commemorating a moment in time we all shared together.

Siedlel (121).jpg
Siedlel (167).jpg


Apps like Snapchat and Whisper allow you to send content that disappears after they are seen or to anonymously share your secrets with strangers.  Where does that information go?  With so much data collection on apps and websites how anonymous is it? So I had people write a secret on my jeans and snap a photo of it.  The secrets quickly overlapped and became a sea of data, however, there was still photo documentation of their anonymous secret.